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Rural Property Valuations - NSW

(Broad Hectares to Hobby Farms)

A valuation for rural and broad hectare properties can often be essential for taxation and various accounting purposes.

In the case of handling Family Trusts or just for internal transfer of shares or full transfers or even to make decisions for sale or purchase a fair market valuation is a valuable tool from a reputable and independent registered asset valuer and is most advisable.

Eric Leslie has decades of rural and farm valuation experience and can give an in-depth opinion of the subject property in New South Wales.

Whilst some areas in NSW. have shown higher propery value increases than others, it's important to look closely at the various sales in and adjoining areas to determine the current fair market value.

Farms can be any land used for, grazing, crops and or other agricultural purposes. In some areas and in and around major regional towns as well as on the eastern coastal areas there is what is referred to as the hobby farm/s that are in most cases looked at differently by the ATO as they differ away from the general use of commercial farming use and often accountants need to ascertain what proportion can be claimed for (if applicable).

In making the assessment to fair market value, consideration has to be given to a variety of factors that can give varied valued opinions to rural farm - broad hectare poperties with or without structural improvements.

Most of our enquiries come from valued and existing clients, accountants and law firms but if you're a prospective new client, you can request a quote by contacting Eric Leslie - Valuations via email or phone on 0412 088 000 and if Eric is unavailable, please clearly leave your name and phone number.

Rural Property Valuations NSW

Hobby Farm Valuations NSW

Rural Property Valuations NSW

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