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Eric Leslie Property Valuation Services

Property Valuations for Residential, Commercial, Industrial
as well as Property Rental Review / Valuations

It would be fair to say that there is can be a wide spread opinion on what can be a fair market valuation.

Eric Leslie has had a wide career in, residential, commercial/retail and industrial property as part of his many decades of offering independent and professional valuation experience.

After Eric Leslie Valuations is requested to give preliminary advice prior to issuing the final presentation of the fair market valuation in regards to;

  1. Residential properties as property value/s
  2. Residential properties rental value/s
  3. Retail property in; shopping centres, strip centres as Eric started his own rerail experience in a family mixed business in the “olden days”  where “weighing up sugar” and “wrapping up eggs” was the way it happened before Eric moved into Real Estate & Valuations and then being Centre / Asset Manager with groups such as;
    1. Westfield Management
    2. ING Group
    3. Jones Lang LaSalle
    4. Lederer Pty Ltd
    5. TripleCee
    6. Coles (Management) & ISPT

With the above property experience, Eric Leslie - Valuations can help;

  • Individual owners
  • Syndicate owners
  • Corporations and tenants (rental reviews/mediations)

Property Valuation for Divorce & Defacto Seperations

BCC Clubhouse

Forster units

Eric Leslie Independant Valuer Member of The Australian Property Institute