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Eric Leslie Property Valuation Services

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Eric Leslie - Valuations is an independent registered valuer offering professional property and asset valuations throughout NSW.

There is no job/property too far away noting that Eric Leslie - Valuations has specialised in a diverse range of property valuations (Commercial, Retail, Industrial, Residential, Family Law Court, Retrospective Valuations, Acquisitions, Hobby Farms to Broad Hectare Farms) over the last few decades.

Eric Leslie is also a Member of the Australian Property Institute  (API) and as such Eric Leslie - Valuations is bound to the Standards of the API with the Valuation Principles of;

  1. Professional Practice Standards
  2. A Code of Ethics
  3. Rules of Conduct

Australian Property Institute Member

Eric Leslie - Valuations is Independent Registered Valuer

Ballina Manor

Eric Leslie Independant Valuer Member of The Australian Property Institute