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Eric Leslie Property Valuation Services

Private/Civil Property Valuations

Retrospective Property Valuations

Retrospective property valuations are becoming more often required and in-depth research is required by an experienced registered property valuer and Eric Leslie - Valuations has been assisting many accountancy groups, law firms and independent clients in regards to this area of retrospective valuation service for the research to determine the realistic opinion to fair market valuation.

Family Law Court (Divorce & Defacto Separations)

This can be one of the most upsetting times in a individuals life thus apart from each individual obtaining individual and professional legal advice, there is sometimes the “un-wanted or un-professional advice” but this is where Eric Leslie - Valuations can assist with independent and professional valuation experience. Opposing parties need in most cases to first have legal advise from a professional lawyer in family law matters before instructions are given to obtain the fair market valuation and again this is where Eric Leslie - Valuations has vast experience in family law court matters.

Eric Leslie has traveled extensively in NSW to assist many referred Clients.

NSW Asset Valuations

Property Valuation for Divorce & Defacto Seperations

Forster units

Eric Leslie Independant Valuer Member of The Australian Property Institute